Watch Out for Robberies

My community newspaper just reported two robberies in the parking lot of our high-end shopping center.

One was jewelry and clothing valued at more than $1,000. The other was clothing in Neiman-Marcus bags at $2,000. Both were taken from unlocked cars.

Come on, People! Who puts such valuable items in a car, parks in a mall lot–and waltzes off to buy even more expensive stuff without  bothering to click  the door locker?

Let me remind you to put valuables in the locked trunk of the car if you must leave them inside.  I add that as a reporter, I learned from our local police that one of the most common thefts occur in supermarkets when shoppers leave purses on the kiddie seat of shopping carts, and wander away to squeeze tomatoes. (And many are unzipped.)

Two more precautions from those loyal men in blue:

  1. Don’t sit around restaurants and other public places bragging that you’re soon leaving on  vacation in the warm, sunny climes. Thieves are lurking in surrounding booths and will follow you home and watch for the day when all is quiet and you have gone.
  2. While it’s convenient to have the USPS hold or forward your mail, think twice before doing it. Police also said mail carriers may sit in those same restaurants and talk loudly about how quickly they finished their routes because all the people on such and such streets are away. Those same “bad dudes” hear that too, and call on those streets. ###