Regal Roofing Comes To Rescue

If you’ve decided to stay in your home as long as possible, as I have, you’re bound to  also face constant repairs, large and small, that need your attention–(and money.)

Just this year my  trusted household repair team:

1.Fixed cracks in the double car asphalt driveway and repainted it with stain (which avoided replacing the entire driveway for $10,000;)

2.Built up a backyard slope that washed  away and puddled with every rain, and planted grass to hold the dirt in place;

3.Recarpeted my entire living dining stairway hall area; and

4.Replaced the furnace.

You know all that was expensive, so I wasn’t prepared to  find water dripping from the ceiling of our small office/bedroom this week. I had called several roofing companies over the summer because I found a crack caused by moisture in the hall stairway. We already had painters fix it twice, so I thought it might be from the roof. Two out of five did appear, gave me two different stories, both of which sounded weird, and they never came back. I hear this often happens with roofers.

But when I saw the ceiling leaking, I got desperate and called a friend who suggested Regal Roofing in my area, Glenview IL.The owner, Anthony  Jerominski, came over that day, told me the vents around the house were blocked, and condensation had formed beneath the roof and was building moisture across the house. Oh, also, the roof was 13 years old, well worn,  and needed replacement.

The friend who suggested (and used) this roofer is an engineer (and attorney) and he came over to talk with the Tony, who had made the inspection. We’re waiting for the temperature to rise above 30 degrees so Regal can get this fix going.

What a relief to finally find someone who is trustworthy, competent, and responds to calls. Tony is also on Angie’s List. If you need Regal Roofing, call 847-657-1110.

And though I’m stubbornly committed to staying here, I can’t help feeling it’s  like being nibbled to death by ducks.  “Big ducks.