Meryl Streep? Absolutely FIRST RATE!

And so the over-rated Tweeter takes a shot at the finest actress of our time– and the media falls back into its disgusting pattern of making his ignorant tweets the lead story on  all its outlets.

This small voice instead turns attention to the horrifying week ahead when the GOP will try and jam through the Tweeter’s cabinet that is not qualified, and not properly vetted in the same sneaky way they tried to destroy the Ethics Committee last week.

Get on your phone, get on that email server and make your voice heard by your state and national representatives if you also are appalled by this UnAmerican behavior. Make it clear you will vote against anyone that encourages it.

Fight with the only weapons we have left: our voices and our votes.

Also  change the channel whenever you see reports coming on about the president-elect or his “over-rated” tweets.