New Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fix

A few weeks ago I went to my doctor because my fingers hurt and she diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and she was right.

She said it was caused by making fists while I slept that put a strain on those hand muscles, and gave me mitts to wear overnight.

She wasn’t quite right there, since the pain continued and intensified.

It was so bad yesterday I went online to read about the syndrome and learned it is usually caused by repeated strain on certain muscles in the wrist and hand, and I realized the real cause.

Each morning I held my cell phone in the same position for an hour while talking to my daughter, and last week I spent far more holiday hours than usual holding a very good book in the same position as the cell phone. No wonder those fingers were sore!

Many of my friends are undergoing carpal tunnel surgery now, and I suspect it’s because they too are overusing those new mobile devices and computers. So the first thing I did yesterday was to buy a Verizon Blue Tooth for my cell phone, setting my fingers free. Next I loaded my Kindle with free books from my local library’s Media Mall, and then I visited Google, and checked out: carpal tunnel exercises.

I was directed to where an occupational therapist’s video demonstrated a series of four exercises guaranteed to help carpal tunnel pain within a day.

Believe it or not—that DID work. I spread my fingers at my sides, moved them as the video demonstrated 30 times, and repeated it a few more times before bed. I didn’t wear the mitts and for the first time in months I awoke pain free. To stay that way, I’m talking on my Blue Tooth clipped to my ear, and reading books on Kindle.

If you’re dealing with this mystifying pain, check out the exercises before you see a surgeon.

It won’t hurt—–literally.